gaalipata - new kannada movie ready for release

Gaalipata is ready to fly, movie is releasing on this Friday - 18/01/2008, book your tickets fast
Good news for all Kannada movie fans outside Karnataka, Gaalipata is going to be launched at Chennai (Casino), Hyderabad (Imax) and Mumbai (Liberty, Aurora and PVR) simultaneously with the release in Karnataka.
  • Gaalipata is the first Kannada movie to be shot using a Super 35 mm lens. Most of the Indian movies are shot using 70 mm lens.
  • If the rumour mills are to be believed, the central character in the Gaalipata movie are not the Heroes or the Heroines? It is a Wild Pig !
  • This movie has been shot at the locations like Theerthahalli, Kodachadri Hills, Sakleshpur and Bengalooru all in Karnataka.
  • Thats kannada has reported the news read more
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