nannusire kannada songs

Director: Santosh-Velupriyan
Producer: Ashok.M
Starring: Rahul, Keerthi, and Gayathri.
Music: Premji Gangai Amaran

download songs in mp3 format part1 part2
Check here for songs download
Thanks to Danesh Mathapati
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3 comments: on "nannusire kannada songs"

kannadiga said...

sakkat songs
i dint expect such a songs!!
really nice songs

Deepak said...

hey thanks for posting mp3s so quickly...why don't you mention what songs are in part1 and part2 and then post the link here.. would be great...

thanks again:)

kannadiga said...

Admin: deepak ella songs chenngive so ella download madkonli antha ;-)