Puneeth Nisha kothari in Prem's Raj

The Bollywood actress Nisha Kothari is casted opposite appu aka power star Puneeth Rajkumar in Prem's 'Raj' – the showman.Prem is been one most successful director of recent times..hez being called hattrick director !!
Annavra huttu habbada dina national College grounds nalli raj muhurtha nadithu. 
Nisha has acted in Ram Gopal Verma's films – Aag, James.and in total 10 movies in bollwood 
along with few movies in south.
Appu is most sucessful actor of recent times in kannada. he has not looked back after his sucess of appu.
His recent movie Milana being a blockbuster

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3 comments: on "Puneeth Nisha kothari in Prem's Raj"

kannadiga said...

All the best to appu !!
for his new movie RAJ- the show man

Anonymous said...

hi appu

Anonymous said...

Most expected movie of the year
Appu will get new dimension from this movie